TravelArte designs workshops that offer quality instruction within a given art/craft medium while immersing students in the creative culture of a particular geographical setting. It was created in 2010 by Cristina Córdova as a means to offer learning opportunities that promote creative growth through cultural exchange. Most recently TravelArte has started to  produce quality online courses to share ceramic techniques and inspiration with students across different locations, continuing the mission to create multi-cultural communities and innovative learning opportunities available to all.

Since 2010 TravelArte has offered successful courses in Puerto Rico, North Carolina, and Mexico serving over 200 students and awarding various scholarships to local artists from la Escuela de Artes Plásticas in San Juan and abroad. Since 2011 TravelArte has received the support of Pitirre Projects, a non-profit initiative started by Gretchen Ruiz with the mission to sustain and promote Puerto Rican talent through education and cultural exchange opportunities.

Course offerings come up throughout the year so make sure you check in periodically or join our mailing list to stay updated!


"We loved learning your systematic approach to sculpting the figure. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and resources with us, I will definitely put it to use in my studio!.."

-Melisa and Dave Wood, 2017

" I didn't think it was possible to cover the amount of material promised without cutting corners.  But the course was so well structured and organized that we did and more! This is the best workshop I have ever attended."

-Katherine Schmidt, 2017

"This whole week has been absolutely amazing! Life altering amazing!..."

-Edrian Thomidis, 2017

"Gracias- 100% lo máximo como decimos en Perú. Mil gracias!"

-Alejandra Almuelle, 2017

"Great balance between figure and surface instruction. It was almost left brain vs right brain and it was great to loosened by doodling and drawing. I (also) loved having lunch with the group everyday. It was beautiful to have you share your studio and family and it was delicious!

-Anonymous, 2017


"Thanks again for the wonderful workshop! As always it was packed with great information  and wonderful times and friendship. The pattern approach is really cool and also the use of 1:1 source material is something I plan to try out"

- Peter Anderson, 2017


" This workshop with Cristina and Jason was absolutely the best one I've ever taken, and since retiring, I've taken lots! So much information it will take you years to absorb it all and assimilate!"

-Sylvia Richardson, 2016

"Learning a new way to approach basic figure construction and taking the figure to the next level with surface decoration was a whole new frontier, a unique and jampacked workshop-If you only take one take this one."

-P. K., 2016

"So much information,attention to the students and wonderful lunch. The combination of figure and surface design kept us hopping the entire week. Perfect.

-M. Palshe, 2016

"Such an exciting, wonderful experience! How can you make the creative process understandable in a group setting! Cristina and Jason unite with humor, fun, eloquence and aplomb to deliver an incredible learning experience.I would also like to stress the levels of patience in rendering individualized attention in every step of the workshop process. Loved every minute! "

-Jim Webb, 2016

"This has been an awesome experience. More,much more than expected. Cristina , Jason and their assistant are the dream team for a dream come true workshop. Simply loved it and loved them."

-Elaine Rosario, 2016

"A truly dynamic week of measured information, technical and experiential downloads combined with attitudes of joy, reflection and inspiration. I got back in touch with my creative self and learned so much un such a short time with such lovely companions. Not to mention the food!"

-Mary Dennis Kannappell, 2016

"Por primera vez me siento completa. Llegué el primer día luego de 3 años sin haber tocado barro, y logré , en tan sólo una semana, llegar a un nivel que nunca pensé llegar un día. El mejor workshop en que he participado. Gracias mil."

-Isabel Lasa, 2016

Este taller de Cristina y Jason ha superado mis expectativas.Hemos aprendido nuevas técnicas y repasado otras,pero la forma en que se han integrado los profesores ha sido fantástico, efectivo. El trato ha sido super especial, la coordinación del taller, los alimentos, el ambiente y el compartir... Gracias"

-Rosa Serrano, 2016


“Hi Cristina, Thank you so much for getting back to me, I have resolved the technical issues with the video.  I have watched the course through once and want to wholeheartedly thank you for your generosity in sharing the depth and breadth of your knowledge,  providing such rich and comprehensive material.  I have a UK degree in Sculpture and have been on a number of  CPD workshops in the UK with live models that have not even begun to touch upon the level of detail that you provide and I am so excited to incorporate this into my practice - It has totally re-ignited my passion for the figure!”-Jacquie Shortland

"Thanks Cristina. The class was amazing and having the video references invaluable. I learned so much about your technical process as well.I will continue to refine my head this week. Thank you again for your generosity."- Judith Levinson

"I second that--that instruction was great! This format made me feel as if we were all in a classroom setting-which is pretty incredible. There is so much great information here--things that I have been curious about for SO long, but, I really didn't know who to ask--So, Thank you so much for offering this opportunity. I could watch the teachable a million times--does it have an expiration date? Thank you again."- Jenny Summertime

"The information was clear and well organized. I really appreciate all the reference materials, tool list and of course your demos. It felt like I was in a classroom with you. Your feedback was very helpful and I'll continue working and posting pics for group feedback. Thank you again Cristina, you're an amazing teacher and artist."-Kim Deneris Brown

"Cristina, thanks for a great experience. Yo soy Peruana y algun dia ire a tomar uno de tus workshops. Lindisimo tu trabajo!!!" - Angelita Corvetto

"Well Cristina, I'm calling it a day. I'm tired but extremely happy with the workshop. I placed the lids in the eyes. Tomorrow I'll do reference with the images and tweak and clean... Any way, thanks a million. The instruction was excellent. and it was GREAT sharing with all the group."-Awilda Maldonado

"Thank you, Cristina! You are so very generous with your knowledge and information and so hugely talented! I greatly appreciate your thoroughness and readiness to help us as well as your articulate instructions. You are as great a teacher as you are an artist and I am in seventh heaven that I got the opportunity to do two workshops with you. Big love, Mary" -Mary Kannapell

"Really like the organization of information applicable to all 3 different head sizes. The PDF files are so useful too. So excited about using these techniques! Just finished watching...and was so engrossed my coffee was stone cold and I forgot to have dinner. Wow."-Libby Devine

" It was a pleasure to be part of the audit students. Wonderful to see Cristina at work." -Judith Rolevink

"I am so excited about this technique! Thank you so much for sharing the templates, and for the excellent step by step instructions. I have not yet watched the full course, but I am just delighted with the workshop so far, and look forward to viewing--and re-viewing the whole set of videos. I have recently been working on a couple of 20" heads, and really struggling with the technique to make them strong but rapidly and easily built. I think I have finally found the answer. Thank you so much!" -Beckie Kravetz


"I have loved this workshop. I have been to two previous workshops, which I also enjoyed, but this has been the crowning jewel... The location is magical and your studio worked great."

-Anne Gregerson, Utah

"The class is an excellent overview. I think you were very generous with information.The food was excellent - and it was lovely to eat on the locally fired serving ware. I am thrilled to be getting photographs and notes. Thank you so much."

-Debbie Elmer

"Thanks so much for making me feel welcome despite my lack of experience. My results, however rudimentary, exceeded my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed watching you work - and the others - all of whom have great talent... Thanks again for being so patient with me. And thanks to Jason who introduced me to some totally new ideas. I plan to follow up with the decal process."


"The interplay between Cristina and Jason was constantly engaging; both professional and accessible; perfect balance between information delivery and a little levity.

-Christine Brown, New Jersey


“The workshop was fantastic.Lunch was above and beyond my expectations.Learning your process was incredible-you are so giving. Thank you for all the tidbits and information to incorporate into our work.You are a great teacher.For me listening to your path as well as the development of the process (your process) helped me to think about my art in a different way.”

-Betsy Birkner

“Cristina was very thorough with the information and has great time management skills and organization, which made for a smoothly run workshop. I loved the added touch of having fresh traditional Puerto Rican food, made locally and served for lunch. I would definitely take a workshop with Cristina again. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot! Thanks!”

- Rosita Czekala

“I think you were very generous with information. The food was excellent and it was lovely to eat on the locally fired serving ware. I had lovely conversations with the other artists and learned a lot from them as well.”

- Debbie Elmer

“You had good time management and give lots of information. This workshop was more focused on building the human figure, which I really enjoyed and learned a lot. If you have another workshop I want to come again.”

- Ida

“Honestly, the workshop surpassed all my expectations. You went all the way to make sure every one of us received the knowledge. This was the perfect starting point for my development as an artist. I would recommend the workshop and would come again for a different approach. Thank you so much.”

- Eric Sanchez

“I think seeing you work in the space you are most confident in, was very enlightening. I came away feeling much more comfortable with the slab building technique. Watching

you go large, to detailing, discussing issues as you go, referencing materials tools, etc. was great!”

- Peter Anderson

“This workshop format was the most informative I have ever been to. Thank you so much for opening up your studio to us. I would definitely recommend to anyone to do this and would also definitely do it again myself. I am still in awe!”

- Charlotte Tate

Again, I want to thank you for the best workshop I have ever taken. It was awesome to see you work. I am so inspired after the few days in your studio..

I am more then 200% happy. You inspire me a lot and make me want to go and make my own work. I would be back in a heart beat. Very thankful for everything you shared with us. Thank you so much!”

- Heida Halldorsdottir

“All that I wanted to learn, plus more! Thank you for everything- especially your patient, loving way of teaching. I will be back for more!”

- Joan Carew

“I loved the workshop! It was the best workshop I ever took. Your insight and knowledge are endless and feel blessed to be part of your first one. I hope to take another of your workshops! It was incredible!”

- Nicole Merkens

“Cristina has a wonderful approachable way in communicating about her work and the process of creating it. Thank you- exceeded my expectations.”

- Kathy Mathisen

"My knowledge... is considerably expanded because of your careful and intricate teachings. You offer excellent demos - contemplative discussions - you also shared your own vulnerabilities and constant quest in your body of work. 

... By far, you are one of the best workshop leaders as you commanded the presentations, shared expectations, and upcoming agendas. Thank you for taking care of these subtleties"

-Lee Ann Harrison

"This workshop format was the most informative I have ever been to. At first, signing up for it, I was a bit disappointed it was not hands-on, but now I am so grateful that it was not. All the information that was shared so freely could only be done in this format. I feel like it was worth 100x the 'price of admission'. It was so good to actually see you work more than just quickly demo."

-Charli Tate

"Watching you work was totally inspiring. The speed, the focus, the obvious love of material always evident... The comfort and freedom that real knowledge of anatomy affords you is also inspiring

...The combination of observation and eating (lunch) together was marvelous & appreciated, as was your generosity with technique and materials.



“Everything was carefully considered from the resource materials, the organization of the work stations, studio visits, lunches, slide presentations and one on one time (with) each participant. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in Clay figuration. A tremendous amount of technical information was covered, supported with hands on guidance.

…I also think the idea of learning a skill coupled with a new travel experience was fulfilled. It is always inspiring to see how other Artists work and even more so in a culturally vibrant country like PR…it was a successful and enjoyable experience …I am looking forward to the workshops March 2012."

-Jasmine Thomas-Girvan, Trinidad and Tobago,


“Great instruction,very organized,great diagrams and resource material, great food for lunch and wonderful people to share it with…….this workshop will change me as an artist as well as a teacher…thank you for such a wonderful experience.”

-Robbin Brothers, Virginia Beach

“I want to thank you for the opportunity offered to share your knowledge. On a scale of 1 to 10 the workshop gets a 20! Sincerely, it was a great experience… From the materials, the itinerary and the concept behind the course, I can honestly say it was worth every penny…. keep creating workshops, I was left with the desire to learn more….take care and hooray for TRAVELARTE!

-José Plaza, Puerto Rico

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop!  Your clarity and generosity are appreciated. Also enjoyed what I saw of Puerto Rico and its people..”

-Judy Brey, New Mexico

I want you to know how happy I am for having participated in the workshop, it was an unforgettable experience! I want to congratulate you because it was excellent, the teaching, food, organization, assistant, materials, setting, in essence all of it!

Thank you for all you taught me, I am very grateful!

-MariOlga Bechara, Puerto Rico

“The information was stupendous, classified through good pedagogy. The time dedicated to each student, in my case, was implemented in order that I was able to clarify and  expand on suggestions.

I liked the location of the course and the facilities (although) I would have liked to have completed the firing process and have been able to play with assembling parts.

The food was very good. The explications were excellent, supported in detail with drawings, I loved this. Very important, the audiovisual support and to learn about the region.


-Patricia Luján, Venezuela

What can I say…..I loved it!!!! It was well organized from the beginning…you covered all the areas in detail. You taught with excellence, intensity and you communicated very well….You offered constructive criticism to all while disheartening none.

The lunches were exquisite!

Thank you and blessings!!!

-Mariemma Tischer, Puerto Rico

Don’t miss this experience. Cristina Córdova was recently leading a workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) Puerto Rico, Ultra-Figuración, and it was spectacular. Thank you for your professionalism in sharing all your knowledge. Good luck in all future projects.

-Mayra Molinari, Puerto Rico

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