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THE CLAY FIGURE: Construction and Surface/ LA FIGURA EN BARRO: Construcción y superficie

with Cristina Córdova

October 13 (Sunday) -16 (Wednesday), 2019 NEW, 4-day session!

Cost: $600

Cost includes slips, underglaze transfers and clay

Location: Vincenza Espacio Creativo, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

9am - 4pm with additional studio access


Cost: $750

Cost includes slips, underglaze transfers and clay

Location: Vincenza Espacio Creativo, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

9am - 4pm with additional studio access

The workshop will cover basic concepts of anatomy and proportion to generate figurative compositions built with slabs, finished with slips and underglaze transfers. We will discuss preliminary construction strategies using drawings, photos and models as well as conceptual catalysts to strengthen the sculptural proposal. Demonstrations will include the construction of head, torso, arms and hands, as well as techniques that detail how to optimize the clarity and expression of the figure in clay. Students will explore the possibilities of laminating their sculpture with color and patterns through the use of slips and transfers to create vibrant, dynamic surfaces before bisque. Although the main objective will be the construction of a ceramic torso between 15-25 "h, Cristina will discuss how to use these techniques to construct the complete figure at different scales through the use of simple reinforcements and supports.

El taller cubrirá conceptos básicos de anatomía y proporción para generar composiciones figurativas construidas a base de planchas, terminadas con engobes y transferencias. Discutiremos estrategias preliminares de construcción utilizando dibujos,fotos y maquetas al igual que catalíticos conceptuales para fortalecer la propuesta escultórica. Las demostraciones incluirán  la construcción de la cabeza, el torso, los brazos y las manos, así como técnicas que detallan como optimizar la claridad y la expresión de la figura en barro. Los estudiantes explorarán las posibilidades de superponer su escultura con color y patrónes a través del uso de engobes y transferencias para crear superficies vibrantes y dinámicas antes de bizcocho. Aunque el objetivo principal será la construcción de un torso de cerámica entre 15-25 "h, Cristina discutirá cómo utilizar esta técnica de plancha para construir la figura completa en diferentes escalas a través del uso de armaduras y apoyos simples.

Because of the slow, gradual unfolding of a clay sculpture it is often hard to relay the full arc of a piece from beginning to end in the traditional workshop context. This course will offer an intimate vantage point to study and understand all of the steps, tools and materials that come into play to create a clay head. With the methods showcased in this course and the open floor chat sessions between demonstrations to answer questions you will be fully empowered to create clay heads of different scales in your own studio. This course includes supplemental printed material that follows the course structure and several opt-ins to customize your experience. 


VIDEO MODULE 1: Before We BeginTools, Materials and Workspace Setup

VIDEO MODULE 2: Sourcing Anatomical References

VIDEO MODULE 3: Hollow Construction With Easy Patterns At Any Scale

VIDEO MODULE 4: The Skull Basics

VIDEO MODULE 5: Adding Features and Introducing Tools

VIDEO MODULE 6: Tricks and Techniques for Refining and Cleaning the Face

Come join over 140 students!


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This course will focus on demystifying glazes and other fireable surfaces in the context of low-fire figurative ceramics and sculpture ranging from cone 05 to cone 1. It will address not only the formulation and sourcing of slips, underglazes and glazes through innumerable recipes and listings but the different methods of applying and firing these materials to achieve rich, layered surfaces of extraordinary depth and interest. The course takes you step by step to reveal the process behind each showcased piece and includes an accompanying e-book: SÚPER-FICIE: Surfaces For Low-fire Figurative Ceramics And Sculpture

After years of gathering insights into pigments, slips, underglazes and glazes though my own work I have organized my favorite approaches to bring sculpture to life. This course will show you how to approach surface development in a multi-layered, dynamic way that will open door after door of possibilities to expand and compliment your forms


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